Meet ‘MY Journal,’ your roadmap to a balanced, fulfilled and successful 2019. Get yours now. 15% off!

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Meet ‘MY Journal,’ your roadmap to a balanced, fulfilled and successful 2019. Get yours now. 15% off!

Another Christmas is over! If back-to-back days of over indulgence have left you in need of a more productive activity then we have just the thing to help you start the new year strong. A little bit of life inventory. Whether 2018 was a year you’ll never forget or one you’d like to simply write off, there’s a lot to be learned from the good, the bad and the just plain boring events that made your year. So, if you are serious about those New Year resolutions why not take some time to reflect on the ups and the downs, take motivation from the highs, learn from the lows and move into 2019 with a clear sense of purpose and direction?

Not sure where to start? No problem! We’ve partnered with MYnd Map to bring you the best advice for practicing constructive reflection and goal setting. We got our hands on the MY Journal, the “tool to help you realise your dreams.” Used by successful icons, athletes, and world-class performers, My Journal is a productivity and mindfulness journal that incorporates journaling, planning, positive affirmations, mind mapping, the 20/80 productivity principle, positive psychology, colour therapy, mindfulness, visualisation and the practice of gratitude.

Focussing on 6 key themes, MY Journal helps you focus and reflect on the areas of your life that are often neglected. Features include: goal setting pages, weekly and monthly calendars, daily to do’s and reflection pages.

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We caught up with MYnd Map’s founder and creator of MY Journal, Rosemary to ask her about the science behind MYnd Map, her number one rule for practicing mindfulness and the five questions we should all ask ourselves at the end of every year.

Feeling inspired to make 2019 your year? Yes? Then get your own copy of My Journal right here and start creating your best life ever! Plus use code  MYVita for an exclusive 15% off!

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