Lakechia Jeanne, founder of Girls in Science

Meet former Vita Student resident, 22-year-old Lakechia Jeanne – child actress turned biomedical scientist turned creator of Girls in Science.

A social initiative, Girls in Science (GIS) educates young women about the variety of exciting career options available to them within the world of science and helps them succeed. With a packed blog, mini documentary series, regular sell-out events, and partnerships with successful women working in the field, GIS serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for the next generation of female scientists.

We asked Lakechia about the inspiration behind Girls in Science and her plans for the future:

“About three years ago, I was having a conversation with some super-bright A-level students who wanted to get into engineering; I thought I would try and find out a little bit of information for them, only to realised how scarce the information out there was. Later during my Biomedical Sciences degree an elective for Science Communications came up and I thought doing videos and commentaries on inspiring females around my campus would be an amazing way to combine my two loves of film and the sciences and so, Girls in Science was born.”

“I want GIS to be the go-to site for girls across the UK who want to know and learn everything about the higher educational system and all its quirks. I want science to be seen in a more feminine and accessible light, with authentic motivating content that provides an aspirational window into the possibilities of a career in science.”

Have you got an idea? Something you are really passionate about? Why not share it and create your own movement? If Lakechia can do it, why can’t you?! And don’t forget to check out GIS for yourself right here –