James Gupta, Founder of Synap

Apparently studying for a degree in medicine wasn’t enough of a challenge for this young tech tycoon. At just 22 years old, James had already sold his first business, student taxi app – JumpIn for almost 200K.

In 2015, with two years of study still ahead of him, James launched his second venture, Synap – an online study platform and revision app, allowing teachers and students to create multiple choice quizzes and share them online. A simple yet powerful idea Synap caught on fast, racking up over 15,000 downloads in the first six hours!

Today it’s the No.1 platform of its kind, used by students, teachers and professors across the globe. Oh yeah, and just to top it off James is now officially a Doctor too!  Pretty impressive, right?! If anyone wants us we’ll be in the corner crying over our average achievements.

Check Synap out for yourself right here, plus watch the video below for some exclusive advice from James himself!