Perfectly planned. Five journals to make 2019 your best year ever.

How would you like an extra 30 days of time this year?

2019 productivity planner on white desk next to mac keyboard

Perfectly planned. Five journals to make 2019 your best year ever.

“New year new me!” How many times have we all made that statement? And yes, come January 1st the motivation to succeed was strong, but fast forward to February and all too often hectic schedules and everyday commitments have taken over our lives and those dreams and goals have fallen to the bottom of the priority pile! The problem? There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.


But don’t despair, if you are serious about making 2019 your year then there is a solution to your time problem. Planning! Did you know simply spending just 10 minutes planning each day has been proven to increase productivity levels by 25%, saving you up to two hours of wasted time a day. Add that up over the course of a year and you could save yourself a whole 30 days of otherwise wasted time! By planning your time effectively and breaking your goals into achievable tasks, slowly but surely you will achieve those big things you dream of. So, whether your goal is to launch a business, run a marathon, invest in some self-development or simply boost your productivity, we’ve the perfect planner to help you get there!

Productivity Planner – Best for the procrastinators

2019 productivity planner on desk next to keyboard and open to show pages inside

Developed by Intelligent Change, the productivity planner not only looks great but is also highly effective. Utilising the Pomodoro principle, a scientifically proven technique used by some of history’s most successful people, the productivity planner helps you minimise distractions to do more in less time, and more importantly do it better!

The planner itself is made of up of daily to-do pages each deliberately limited in space to prevent you from writing an unmanageable list and feeling the subsequent disappointment that follows not being able to achieve an unrealistic target. For each task you set yourself, you are required to set a time goal in which to complete it. With spaces to record your times and score your overall daily productivity, the secret to the productivity planner’s success is that it not only challenges you to beat your targets but to evaluate the way you work. By not just making a to-do list but actually setting and evaluating time targets you’ll quickly learn how to transform those distracted and unaccomplished days of procrastination into six months’ worth of productivity. Sound good? Get yours here. 

Inspire Now Journal – Best for those looking to level up their lives

inspire now journal + best planners for 2019

If you’re looking to overhaul your habits while keeping track of your daily to-dos then the ‘Inspire Now’ journal is the one for you. With sections dedicated to both long and short-term goals, the Inspire Now journal is designed to help you define your objectives and a create a plan to achieve them. The simple, clutter-free and flexible design promotes mental focus and motivation, while the habit tracker, fitness and financial pages allow you to manage and monitor every aspect of your life. Weekly planning and reflection pages improve your organisation skills and ability to self evaluate, learn and improve.

Carrie.Co Planner – Best for aspiring boss babes

perfectly planned 2019 planner

At £59 the ‘Perfectly planned 2019’ planner is definitely the more expensive option, but you certainly get what you pay for! Beautifully designed, this planner is not only totally instagrammable but has everything an aspiring boss babe needs to build their business or simply plan their days more effectively.

Focus Planner – Best for those with prioritising problems

Focus’ creator, Michael Hyatt describes this 90-day planner as the perfect intersection of annual goal-setting and daily productivity. Designed to train you to act on your highest priorities, both day-to-day and year-to-year, the Focus Planner fuels a high-achieving lifestyle, pushing you to accomplish your biggest priorities without feeling overwhelmed or distracted. Inside you’ll find the following tools to help you achieve your goals all year long.

  • Annual Goals
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Rolling Quarters
  • Ideal Week
  • Daily Pages
  • Weekly preview

Self-Journal – Best for those looking to power charge productivity

The SELF Journal solves productivity roadblocks – permanently! Developed by the best self-Co the SELF Journal promises to quadruple your productivity using a proven performance optimising system adopted by the world’s top performers. Divided into three distinct sections: daily, weekly and monthly the Self Journal uses daily gratitude, reflection and goal setting exercises combined with 30-minute scheduling tasks to align your day-to-day output with your bigger goals.



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