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Online CV Review

Want to run your CV by experts and get exclusive advice on how to make it perfect? Exclusively for Vita Students, The CV Centre offer a free CV review service. Click the link and fill out the form to get expert advice to make your CV stand out from the crowd now.

Boost your CV

Your CV is your chance to grab an employer’s attention, convince them of your potential and make sure they want to meet you. Here you’ll find CV templates, do’s and don’ts, tips and advice to make sure yours is perfect!

CV Templates

Ready to apply for your dream job? Download your ready-to-go CV template here!

CV Template (English)

CV Template (English)

CV Template (Mandarin)

CV Template (Mandarin)

Careers Webinars

Kickstart your career from the comfort of your bedroom with our online careers webinars.



Stay tuned for more webinars coming soon.

Career Consultations

Gain invaluable knowledge, advice and insight from career consultants. Book your one-on-one Skype or telephone consultation now!

A look behind the scenes

Discover the culture and opportunities at the worlds biggest companies.

EY Careers – Graduates

Google – Interns’ First Week

Bentley Careers

Atkins Graduate Induction

Navy Apprenticeships – Megan’s Story

RAF – Ellie’s Story

IBM Careers

Balfour Beatty Careers

Rolls Royce Apprenticeships

Behind the curtains advice


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