Level up your online following with advice from streamer Lewis Edridge

Level up your online following with advice from streamer Lewis Edridge

Love gaming? Looking to level up your vlog? Yes? We’ll how about some expert first-hand advice? Over the past seven years, gamer, actor and YouTuber Lewis Edridge has racked up over 115k subscribers and more than 29 million views with his Youtube Channel, ‘Lewis Blogs Gaming.’ Now exclusively for Begin Big, he shares his advice for aspiring gamers and vloggers, including his secret to building a following whilst simultaneously graduating university with a first! Sounds like a win-win to us!

How did you get into gaming?

I blame my dad. It all started when he bought Tomb Raider on PlayStation 1, I never played though, I just loved watching him shouting at the screen every time got Lara killed. After that I found a fascination with racing games (Burnout was a favourite).

When did you realise your channel was gaining a lot of attention?

Back when I first started LewisBlogsGaming several years ago, it was all things HALO related, everyday commentaries of live games and all of a sudden it gained traction. As soon as 2012 hit, that’s when I knew it was taking off and invested more time and more games into the channel.

How did you find building a YT following alongside your university studies? Was it a struggle finding the time to manage both?

Accredited Drama school training (along with nursing/medicine, huge respect for these guys) is know for its intense time tabling. It was a 40hr+ week of physical and mental training, plus work at the weekends, however, I somehow made it work and in my first 3 years of training still managed to push out 1-4 videos a day. This year has been slightly different as I realised I actually had to write a dissertation and do shows…don’t worry, I still came out with a first!

Would you ever consider turning gaming into a full-time career?

I would love to. But if I had to decide, I’d have to choose Acting. I’ve been working to get to where I am for 10 years, but if someone said to me i could do gaming full time, work with some amazing passionate people I’d definitely say yes. I mean, I’ve been trying to get a job at game for the past 2 years…

Is an XBOX One your console of choice or do you mix it up?

Ahhh you have to mix it up, Xbox One and PS4 for the exclusives and then PC to make everything look incredibly pretty!

What’s your all-time favourite game?

EVER?! Well…the game/series that brought me the most joy in my childhood (and late teens) was Pokémon, and it isn’t something I’d ever look back at and say it was wasted. Yellow, Ruby, Crystal, I’m whipping out the Gameboy right now!

What do you think the future of gaming looks like?

The gaming industry is a multi-billion pound corporation. Not only, do I think, that VR will kick off, but it will allow us to have some choices. Developers are pushing so much for multiple choice games and to put that into VR would be incredible. Imagine Detroit: Become Human in a VR world, with intractable objects. It would be crazy!

Who’s your favourite gamer?

I couldn’t even possibly dare to put a name on who that might be. However, bring me some peanut butter, cookies and milk and I might be tempted.

The First game you ever played?


What advice do you have for people wanting to build their gaming profile?

Keep at it and don’t lose hope! That’s what I tell everyone who asks me this question. For some it can be instant and for others it can take years. It took me years and I’m still trying to grow, but for the sake of the parents reading this, yes, Education always comes first!

What game character would you be and why?

Nathan Drake! In fact let me be in the movie! Cool, ruggedly handsome, gets to go on treasure hunting adventures. I’ve lost way too much time to the Uncharted franchise…lost is probably the wrong word. I’m going for gained??.



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