Hired or backfired? Which creative job applications pay off?

Creative CVs

Hired or backfired? Which creative job applications pay off?

Summer internship season is happening. Hundreds of us want the dream position. It’s highly competitive. You need to stand out … But just how much? A bar of chocolate with your resume is an act of desperation, but turn your CV in to a bar of chocolate and suddenly you’re a must-see candidate.
Here’s 10 of our favourite creative job applications. Some paid off, some didn’t. So, if you’re thinking about doing something a little unorthodox next time you apply for a placement, maybe test your judgement here first.

A little puzzled!

Rubiks cube

This applicant created a giant Rubik’s Cube resume, which the interviewer had to solve in order to view their credentials. It was quite the risk given the average interviewer will spend just six seconds looking at a resume. But was it a risk that paid off, or was the interviewer just left puzzled?

It would seem everything ‘aligned’ for this candidate, they got the interview and were ultimately hired. Clearly the interviewer liked a challenge.

Nothing beats a handwritten note… right?

Handwritten notes

We thought this candidate’s decision to send a handwritten resume via post would have paid off, after all everyone loves a bit of old school mail every now and then. So, why wasn’t this CV as well received as the had candidate hoped?

Lesson: When you are applying for a job in a DIGITAL agency do not opt for analog! Maybe they were going for irony, who knows!

Aiming high

young guy writing cv say on top of roof at sunset

Apparently, simply listing ‘using my initiative’ as a skill on his resume wasn’t enough for this candidate. Deciding they’d best demonstrate it too, they actually climbed on the employer’s roof while it was under repair and asked for a job! But, did they get it?

Amazingly, yes, although frankly we think they were lucky to not get arrested!

On the cards?

Tarot Cards

After making it to the interview stage this candidate turned fortune teller decided to perform a tarot reading for the interviewer. We imagine the applicant foretold the interviewer was about to make a wise decision and hire them. The question is, did the prediction come true?

Perhaps this candidate needed to re-read the cards as they didn’t get the job. It would seem fortune doesn’t always favour the brave.

Dumb blonde?

blonde girl against white background making an oops face

We’re not sure on which planet it’s considered a good idea to format your CV to look like a Playboy Magazine, but that’s exactly what this female candidate did. Along with likes and dislikes she actually listed her height, weight and measurements! But despite her application reading like a dating profile, the final nail in the coffin for the recruiter was a lot more subtle… Can you guess what it was?

You really couldn’t make this up. Under ‘Biggest turn-ons’ (Yes she actually wrote that!) this candidate listed intelligent people… She misspelled intelligent. Enough said!

The resume bar

Resume bar. A Chocolate bar with resume printed wrapper

This edible CV was created by aspiring marketer Nick Begley to help him stand out from the fierce competition during the global recession. Nick wrapped a dozen chocolate bars with his resume, formatted to look like an ordinary nutrition label. The motto on the front read “Credentials that will satisfy any organisations appetite,” while the ingredients included 100% daily value in Leadership, Creativity, and Business Acumen" and "110% Work Ethic. It was certainly a sweet idea, but did recruiters eat it up?

Yes! Not only did Nick’s creativity pay off in landing him a job, but his resume bar went viral after his friend posted it on reddit, racking up over 2m views

Made of the right stuff

cv designed to look like a cereal box

This guy transformed his CV into a box of cereal. Using his face as the cereal’s mascot he listed his qualities as ‘ingredients,’ added the motto ‘100% source of creativity’ and detailed his skills and work history under the nutritional facts section. But, what job he was applying for? We’ll help you out little… it wasn’t for a position at Kellogg’s.

Nope. It wasn’t for a job with any of the big cereal companies, this candidate was actually a graphic designer. The box was simply a way to showcase his skills. We do wonder though if the cereal inside was Lucky Charms?

Basket case

Collection of colourful woven baskets

A simple follow-up email wasn’t enough for this interviewee, who decided to send a fruit basket to the interviewer’s house. But while bribes will generally backfire all on their own, there was another reason this relationship ended in sour grapes.

We can imagine this interviewer was slightly disturbed to receive this gift at home considering they had never given the candidate their address. Perhaps the candidate should add stalking to their list of skills.

A step too far

Black and white image of guys smart shoes

We’ve all heard the expression ‘getting your foot in the door,’ but this candidate took it quite literally when they sent the interviewer a shoe with their resume. But did the door open for this candidate or were they given the boot?

The boot! Maybe the applicant sent an old shoe… Nobody wants to receive that in the mail!

to their list of skills.

Your cup of tea?

an overhead view of a cup of tea in a blue mug against a blue background

This interviewer was a little surprised to receive a teabag with a candidate’s CV. The note attached read, “take the time to make yourself a cup of tea before you read this. This will be the most important document you read all day.” The question is, was this candidate the interviewer’s cup of tea?

Apparently, arrogance was hard to swallow for this interviewer, or maybe they were just more of a coffee drinker.

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