Find your focus with the ultimate revision playlist

Revision left you feeling A little flat? You need the ultimate study soundtrack to help you B more sharp!

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Find your focus with the ultimate revision playlist

You know that feeling? You’re in the gym, in pain and out of breath, ready to give up. Then, just as you are about to call it quits ‘that’ song comes on. The one that gets your blood pumping and adrenaline coursing. The one that makes you feel you could suddenly run a marathon. Imagine if you could channel that same sensation into studying, power charging your productivity. Well, we’re here to tell you, you can. The key is finding the right music to motivate you in the right moment.

It’s no secret that listening to music has been proven to increase levels of efficiency, creativity and happiness, especially when it comes to performing work related tasks. Since the 1950’s there have been numerous studies within the field of neuromusicology, and the results have been pretty fascinating! Did you know that playing classical music increases your ability to identify numbers more easily? Or, that a study of surgeons revealed improvements in accuracy and efficiency when music was played?! So, if you find yourself faced with an appendectomy or tonsillectomy any time soon, perhaps request music be played throughout the procedure!

But it’s not a one song fits all kind of hack. Unsurprisingly different types of music are more effective when it comes to certain tasks than others. For example, you aren’t going to listen to relaxing lullabies when you need to pump yourself up for a workout. Just as you likely wouldn’t listen to hardcore metal whilst trying to solve a complicated maths problem. Identify the right track for the task ahead and you’ve found the most effective tool in your arsenal for almost instant concentration. But searching around for music that motivates you can in itself become an act of procrastination, a drain on your productivity. And that, is where we come in.



In collaboration with the University of Surrey’s School of Psychology, we’ve created the ultimate study soundtrack. With tracks chosen by you and backed by science, we’ve got the beats to revitalise your revision, get your synapses singing and fire up your focusing abilities. Listen for yourself right here!

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