The future of mankind and Beginning Big with Brian Cox

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Brain Cox talking at vita student

The future of mankind and Beginning Big with Brian Cox

A bona fide stargazer, presenter and particle physicist, Brian is best known for sharing with us the wonders of the universe.
Now, in a departure from the secrets of space, Brian returns to his home town – Manchester, to exclusively share with Vita Student his belief in the importance of expanding the mind, to fuel success and the motivation needed to achieve it. That being said, his life story and body of work speak pretty much sum it up! Take a look for yourself and watch our in depth backstage interview with Brian, as he shares his advice on how you can Begin Big and make the most of your university experience.
PLUS, want to know what the future holds for Mankind? Well Brian has the answer!



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Brian currently splits his time between work at the University of Manchester and working on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva. Fans of the TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will be familiar with said collider, from the episode “The Large Hadron Collision” In which Physicist Leonard is invited to the CERN facility and chooses to take girlfriend Penny, over ‘science is my life’ roommate Sheldon Cooper.
Brian, it would seem is also somewhat of a wordsmith. In addition to his experimental work, he has also authored or co-authored over 950 scientific publications as well as co-producing and presenting 14 TV shows, including the hugely popular ‘Wonders of…’ series.

Brian Cox. Exclusive student opportunities. Student experiences

Want to see Brian answer more questions like this? Then keep scrolling for the full interview!

collage of images from Brian Cox talk at Vita Student
collage of images from Brian Cox talk at Vita Student
Brian Cox. student. University inspiration. Student experiences

Fantastic. Inspiring. Riveting. Incredible

Just some of the words used to describe Brian’s talk. Want to know what else our audience thought? View their reactions for yourself right here.

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